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The Rustee Skate Shack will cease trading midnight 31st August 2023

As of Midnight the 31st August 2023 the Rustee Stake Shack will cease trading and the website will go offline.

Closing sale still on shop wide


Hi All,


This is our last hoorah as Burton doesnt seem to want a skate shop in its town. No point flogging a dead horse really.

The plan of the shop was never to be an online store, we originally planned for it to be a physical store to intergrate with the youth of the town to create at positive and safe space for them. With the dice never being rolled in our favour and many, many headaches (a good few coming from repairing the youths boards hahaha) we couldn't keep the shop open anymore.

If it can go wrong it will go wrong, bloody Murphy's law.

We have had many laughs and good fun with the shop, meeting some great people and characters of all ages and ranges. We were happy we could help and serve the youth and others in giving them a safe space and advice when needed for the time we were able to. 

The shop wide sale is still on and we will still be available to be contacted for advice through the sites contact page till the end of the shop.

Its Goodnight from me, and its Goodnight from him.


Rustee and Sam

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