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So it’s been a busy Monday adding things to the website. Still lots more to add but I want you to note some of the amazing prices we have on DSC and 5boro compared to other online store, most of which have sold out. Just Check out this #diamondsupplyco X #looneytunes Tee, it’s a one off in the store like a lot of my Tees but how rad is #tweetypie all angry, hands on hips (do birds have hips?)

Anyway, check the website and some of the prices, do some comparisons if you have to, then wing it right back and buy it.

I’m going to add a TeeShirt only postage option so you save a little bit more money.

#staysafe #stayskateboarding #stayawesome #skatetheworld #therusteeskateshack #rusteeskate



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