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Store Issues

No Longer At Our Former Store

So the time came to leave our Former Premises at The Octagon Shopping Centre, these were mixed times.

We had nothing but issues at the centre from customer being followed to the outright banning of bikes and scooters in the centre( although scooters were allowed again).

We worked hard at providing a lower than elsewhere store, we put every penny back in and we did our best to create a safespace for anybody who needed it, we supported teens left, right and centre.

We adored being somewhere so many people felt comfortable, from young to old and often would host many kids in such a small store.

It just became apparent that with the removal of certain customers, and the rise in utility bills, also the centre raising rent for year 2, we just could not make that centre shop work. will attempt to be improved ans continue for now.

We have loved our customers and our little shop, our distributors and the surrounding people that have made the shop work through help and support.

We will endeavour to work out as soon as possible the viability of reopening a new store near the old one outside of the centre. There are now significantly greater costs in running a small shop and that of course is an important factor being as we also focus so heavily on supporting people at no cost.

We love you all, we miss you all and maybe see you again in the town soon.


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