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Christmas Update and Thanks

Rustee here. Just want to say I wish you all a happy holidays, Christmas, or family time. it’s been a tough old year and next year may be much of the same, at the moment we are doing free postage on everything with code Sleighdelivery . We are hopefully beating all prices online and we will try to match Or beat wherever possible. We have stock in-store that is not on the site, we have a few select #Colourscollective #decks including the #Carbon topsheet edition, this is at a crazy £55. we also have some #zeroskateboards completes, a #fractureskateboards complete, socks from the likes of #lakaiskateboards #chocolateskateboards #girlskateboards #merge4 #foofighters edition, and #fourstar.

we have fracture trucks in stock at a barmy £19.90 a pair, we have 1 yes just 1 #alltimers teddy sticker #DustinHenry pro deck 8.5” fatty.

we’ve got wallets in from chocolate, fourstar, paper wallets, Nixon, the most stunning new watches from the amazing #Botanica.

we have had a nightmare with the insurance company on the Rustee Laptop so when the cheque (who uses cheques these days) clears we shall be able to add tons to the site.

i get the feeling the midlands will go on to tier 4 after Christmas so it could be a long while before I see you all again.

my new crew of awesome customers truly are amazing and have made my year to date. You guys rock and just remembe, keep staking, have fun, stay safe and clean your bearings!!!!!! you know who you are!!www.rusteeskate.com

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There are many offers on products on the site right now. we try and match or beat our competitors so if there is something you see which is a better price elsewhere, send me the link and we will see w