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Online Store in the Making and Covid News!

We, at The Rustee Skate Shack are doing all we can to get the online store up and running. Having to design and build every element myself is a learning curve like I've never known. The site is live and we are adding products as fast as we can, but writing and describing every piece takes time so bare with us. You will see products added all the time and possibly see updated pages often as I learn to use the software as I go. If you find a fault anywhere contact us and I will personally try and fix it.

Excuse any spelling errors, and don't rely on them if something doesn't make sense, I'm trusting you guys to be my dictionary as im personally shocking at it.


So Covid Lockdown Pt 2 couldn't have happened at a worse time for my shop. We are small and new and only got 5 days trading in before lockdown, this is why I am rushing to get things online as soon as i can as we've been well received locally and apparently in the US.

Lockdown is having an effect on everything at the moment even delivery services at their most busy point of year so you will unfortunately have to bare with us if anything arrives late.

We will be using these new style contact free postal lockers for most products, this is to keep us safe as best as possible and to keep you package as free as possible from outside environments until it is picked up. We have no control after that point.

We are new so will be relying on companies we are using for the first time, get in touch if you have any issues at all as we want only the best for my customers wherever you are.

I pride myself on being customer focused more than product focused or money focused, I'm not saying you are lucky to have us, but i am saying we only want the best for you.

We describe everything as best as we can with Rustee's 25 year knowledge in the industry, we want your product to reach you in perfect condition but if there are issues then we will be on your side when it comes down to it. We have vast warranty and fault resolution skills as well the ability to differentiate between a fake warranty request and a genuine one.

We do everything we can to beat the regular prices of every store online, sometimes pence, sometimes pounds but we cannot always compete with the big stores during their sales. I hope our service is worth any difference.

Everyone out their that visits our site to buy or just look, thank you, as an independent we need and appreciate your time and support.

The shop has had so many offers to help, it's been unreal, from a share on Insta to physically putting furniture together, I cannot say Thank You enough.


The message from the Rustee Skate Shack is to stay safe more than anything, but remember exercise is great and a roll on your deck is great cardio and improving your skills, so get out there and skate.

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