The most wanted model in the range: The Maverick.

The timeless design takes on a whole new identity with our interpretation of the Wayfarer shape.
Using both Zebrano and walnut wood, the Maverick comes alive with texture and colour yet keeps that classic feel. This is a pair of sunglasses for those that see beyond the status quo.

With the unisex Maverick sunglasses, you are ready for every kind of adventure that nature might take to you.


• 12 Months Guarantee
• Every Purchase Plants One Tree
• Polarized Lenses
• Sustainable Wood Sources
• Designed in the UK
• Lightweight All Day Comfort
• Travel Proof Durable Design
• Flexi-Hinge Technology


THE WOOD-sustainably sourced high-grade veneer hardwoods are combined with thin layers of aluminium to ensure our frames are built to last. With over 65 steps to hand-craft each frame, you can guarantee that no two frames will ever be the same. 

THE LENS-Help see life more clearly with Polarised Lenses with UV 400 protection designed to reduce glare on those blue-sky days. 



THE CASE - A protective cork casing that folds down perfectly into any bag or back pocket but also keeps the frames safe when you don't want to wear them (which will be never)


These glasses are stunning, superior quality is easy to see and not only being expertly manufactured, but using sustainable materials with a declaration that a native tree will be planted from where this wood came from. Again you get polarized lenses that are essential for modern strong rays from the sun. These are truly stunning and you will not even notice the money youve spent once they are in your hands.

Cambrium Maverick

Lens Colour