Carver BluRay CX Complete

  • 32.5"

  • Roughly 9 5/8" wide (at its widest point)

  • Carver CX Trucks

  • Carver RoundHouse 69mm 78a Wheels

  • Carver Precision Bearings, Sealed with build in spacers

  • Carver Double lift spacer set.

  • Carver Grip with a traditional surfboard look to it.


This setup is lovely, the graphic is simple with an abstract design in the colours of every nice ocean imaginable. Its a chunky beast with stunning wood and a high gloss finish. The grip is nicely done, with a vertical cut out up the centre and a small round cut out section where the carver logo is. The visible wood on the top is in stark contrast to the bottom, being much lighter in colour. Great for fast speeds, steep carves, big hills, Pump tracks, commuting. Having a very stumpy flat nose and a gentle curved tail, this reminds me of pool decks of the 70s and 80s, only beefed up and bigger. The more i look at this board, the more i love it


Carver BluRay CX Complete

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