This kit by Carver is the absolute pinnacle of Truck technology. The undercarriage looks like it belongs on a aircraft with its precision patented spring loaded technology. Its a stunning kit with big 70mm 78A Roundhouse wheels with central hub, the superb high end ABEC 7 Carver bearings with built in spacers(not even close to the ABEC 7's you get on other auction and far-east shopping sites), the lift kit and the pipe-wrench. 

For me this kit represents a best of everything kit without having to search all the kit out yourself, you save a bit too.


This is the signature truck that started it all. Still the smoothest turning, fastest pumping surf truck ever, it's at the leading edge of true surfskate performance.

The patented second axis of this front truck not only increases the turning radius of your carve, but lets you snap the nose and pivot your turns off the tail. This dynamic creates thrust and drives you forward with increasing speed.

The striking similarity to surfing performance has made the C7 the choice for surf training by Pros and Ams alike.

Comes with:

1x 6.5" C7.4 front truck
1x 6.5" C2 back truck
2x C7 + 2X C2 gasket risers
8x mounting hardware
4x 70mm/78A Smoke Mag wheels
8x bearings
4x spacers
1x Pipe Wrench

Carver C7 All-In-One Truck/Wheel Kit