Chocolate Vincent Alvarez W40 Pro-Model complete 8.0"


  • width: 8"
  • length: 31.875"
  • nose: 7"
  • tail: 6.5"
  • This deck has a Mid concave, has a fairly traditional shape and is on the upper end of Skateboard Completes in terms of performance.



  • It has a 7-ply maple construction
  • 5“ trucks
  • Chocolate 52 mm PU wheels
  • ABEC 5 bearings
  • 7/8" Philipps bolt pack
  • griptape.


Everything is ready to hit the streets with this set-up, we pre-check all nuts and bolts prior to release, we check bearing fit and axel nut fitment to ensure you can crack it open and jump on it without worry or have to fettle it.

We recommend checking all bolts after 2-5hrs of riding to ensure fit is at best performance.

Chocolate Luchadore W40 Vincent Alvarez complete pro 8"