If you want a full graphic that looks like a wall hanger and skates like a beast then Darkroom could be perfect. Darkroom is Created by legend Don Pendleton who you may know from his days at Alien Workshop. His art has developed into a more complex and detailed style and that results in a fresh approach to skate artwork that wouldn't go unnoticed in a gallery. This Mid concave, cruiser deck is a good size for blasting around the streets, on your way to work/collage or round a pump-track. Plenty of tail, with a nice kick and a pointed nose with a very, very slight kick.

  • 8.25" Wide
  • 14" Wheelbase
  • 6.38" Tail
  • 4.42" Nose
  • American Made
  • 7 Ply Maple

Darkroom Medivac Cruiser 8.25" Deck