What can i say about this one. Keith Harring was an Artist that will live on forever thanks to his instantly reconisable style. He hung with the big wigs, like Warhol, ONO and so on. He was and continues to be a big deal even 30 years after his unfortunate passing.

You will have more than likely seen some of his art without knowing it. 


So this is Keith, in a hat no doubt scribbled on with a marker pen by himself.

We at The Rustee Skate Shack are passionat about art and this mn was a big deal so this hommage tee is a perfect way to recognise that.



Diamond Supply sell lots of tess and hoods with his art on, but only this one with Keith on it.


Its a one off one size deal in White XLRG

Diamond SupplyCo X Keith Harring in a Hat TEE XLRG