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Fracture Premium Bearings

  • ABEC 5
  • Inc Spacers
  • Inc Speed Washers
  • black on one side, red on the other
  • rubberised sheilds
  • easy clean

Whilst these bearings are the speed rating as some you see included in cheap decks or of certain websites, they are so much better quality. I've found they roll longer than other similar priced bearings, come complete with accurate cut lightweight spacers and 8 speed washers.

I note that on some narrow and cheaper trucks, you generally can only fit one speed washer which is best placed on the side nearer the kingpin. 

for the price these are at, i doubt there is much better out there than these.They are totally sheilded on both sides, easy maintenance.  

Fracture Premium (ABEC5) Bearings

SKU: 02010010011
£7.99 Regular Price
£5.00Sale Price

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