Take the Retro Roller to the beach, uni, the park or simply have fun cruising your neighborhood

The Retro Roller Cruiser Board by RAD is made for those new to cruisers that want an awesome set-up that wont cripple your bank account. With a Retro Roller you'll surely bring some notable action on your way with its flashy graphics and 50's inspired shape.

Stay classy with a timeless 50s shaped cruiser board

  • Responsive ride, that allows you to maneuver your way around the city.
  • Lightweight and a good size make this portable on public-transport.
  • Feels like surfing the asphalt because of its flat floaty shape.
  • Meant for cruising, pump tracks, practice that carving or you just love attention because this graphic will get all your mates saying whhhaaaaattttttt!

Get started right away, as this complete skateboard comes fully-assembled and pre-gripped out of the box.

The graphic is both the top and bottom maing it look gripless and damn smooth.


I love this deck for its oldschool shape, its tech specs (hardrock maple- ABEC 7's) and its great price.



Rad Retro Roller Cruiser 28"

  • Deck material: Hard Rock Maple, 7-ply
    Deck length: 28" (71cm)
    Deck width: 7.9" (20.1cm)
    Wheel diameter: 60mm
    Deck features: Directional
    Concave: Mild
    Wheel material: PU casted, SHR
    Bearing precision: ABEC-7
    Hanger width: 89mm (3.5")
    Bushings: 88A, SHR
    Griptape: Pre-gripped
    Riding Style: Cruise