The Rustee Skate Shack Vinyl Die-cut Sticker.


This is the Rustee Heart, it symbolises unity and acceptance of anyone and everyone.


We at the Rustee Shack believe we all should be able to live how we want, to fall in love with any gender, to walk with a wobble, to believe in any religion or none at all and everything else that makes us who we are.

This is important to us so if it is for you too, get one of these.

The 2"(£0.75) come in bright green, bright pink, bright blue, bright yellow, and  red. The new 3" (£1.10) comes in Orange, Gold or Silver  Rustee sports a pink one on his motor.

Ready to apply, includes transfer film.


These were made by a Rustee Skate Shack prefered partner, GetRad.Decals Owned by long time snowboarder Lee Radford who's been in the industry for years and has a flair for creative sticker design and production. Holla at him for your custom needs.

(we were not paid with cash or products to write this, we just know he is the sort of person you would want making your one-off or big run products.

Rustee Heart Vinyl Decal